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Frank Field MP
Your MP for Birkenhead
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Food bank

Featured News

Press Release - 18 July 2016
Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field today publishes details of where children in Birkenhead can access free meals and fun during the Summer holiday.

Latest from Frank

- Published in The Times - 11 August 2016
The Times
The bombardment of sixth-formers with the idea that university is best in terms of income has to stop.
Press Release - 09 August 2016
Food bank
Frank Field MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger, today reveals for the first time the extent of hunger in working Britain.
Press Release - 09 August 2016
Commons Chamber
The Feeding Birkenhead campaign, set up and co-ordinated by Frank Field MP, has achieved a breakthrough for private renters whose homes leave them ill-equipped to cook a decent meal.
Article - Published in Evening Standard - 09 August 2016
Evening Standard
Theresa May needs to find new ways of lessening the pay gap between those at the top and their workers
Article - Published in The Daily Telegraph - 08 August 2016
The Work and Pensions chairman, Frank Field MP, has said that he would be willing to recall TPR and potentially Sir Philip Green to give evidence in the new inquiry.
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 05 August 2016
The chairman of the Commons Work and Pensions Committee has offered the SFO unpublished evidence relating to the retailer's demise
Article - Published in Huffington Post - 28 July 2016
Huff Post
Labour MP Frank Field asked the Prime Minister to set up an inquiry over allegations that the firm’s employees were “treated like dirt”, with complaints ranging from staff harassment to minimum wage breaches and bogus self-employment.

Frankly Speaking

Frank's Blog from Westminster

10 August 2016
We now know that almost half a million workers cannot afford to feed themselves and their families
02 August 2016
Council Tax emerged from last week’s Feeding Birkenhead meeting as a most pressing issue. It

Frank's Campaigns

Rip-Off Britain
Frank is campaigning against a series of rip-off charges facing ordinary people, and which add to the poverty premium faced by poorer households
The Home Secretary has asked Frank to lead an evidence review for the proposed Modern Slavery Bill
Investigating the root causes behind hunger and demand for food banks
Cool Earth
Protecting rainforests to help combat climate change
Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chanc
Seeking sustainable solutions to child and family poverty
Cash Machine Charges
Campaign for More Free Cash Machines in Deprived Areas
Combatting human trafficking in the UK and around the world
Promoting the vital importance of the foundation years
Balanced Migration
Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration
King James Bible Trust
Celebrating the 400th anniversary of 'The Book That Changed The World'
Poverty and Life Changes
In 2010 Frank chaired the Review, reporting to the Prime Minister
The Pensions Reform Group
Ending pensioner poverty

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