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Article - Published in The Guardian - 06 April 2017
Frank Field says Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon use ‘egregious clause’ in contracts to prevent people challenging self-employed designation
Article - Published in The Independent - 06 April 2017
Speaking to The Independent, Frank Field said: "The Government has disguised these cuts as a shake-up to the system, when that is not the case. They said they weren't going to make money out of it but they are. And it will mean grieving partners – mainly women – will lose a hundred million.
- Published in The Guardian - 05 April 2017
One way of meeting our target to spend 0.7% of GDP on overseas aid, in a way that builds support among voters who want a guarantee on the best housekeeping of their hard-earned money, would be to establish, say, a Commonwealth venture capital fund, into which that part of the 0.7% that Priti Patel has cause to believe is misspent, or fraudulently used, could be paid. This fund would then be used for job-creating investment programmes in the Commonwealth as and when the need was proved, and not arbitrarily governed by the need to spend money by the end of the financial year.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 04 April 2017
Frank Field wants ministers to explain why policy will save £100m a year despite pledge not to slash funding for parents
- 03 April 2017
His Church
Projects providing free meals and fun for children in the North End, Rock Ferry, and Tranmere
Press Release - 14 March 2017
His Church
The products were collected at an event held last Friday in Hamilton Square which was organised by Feeding Birkenhead and His Church.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 13 March 2017
Wirral Globe
BIRKENHEAD MP Frank Field is leading an investigation into workers' pensions following the sale of Vauxhall to PSA Peugeot Citroën.
Article - Published in The Independent - 12 March 2017
The Government has also refused to extend entitlement to couples who were not married but who had children together – missing an opportunity to modernise the benefit and make it fit for today’s society
Article - Published in The Guardian - 09 March 2017
Following Frank's campaign, Ministers have agreed to scrap controversial new rules restricting MPs from intervening on behalf of individual constituents to resolve problems with benefit payments.
- Published in The Times - 09 March 2017
The Times
Recent polling found that while 42 per cent of voters would support an increase in tax to pay for a larger NHS budget, this figure climbed to 53 per cent once voters were asked about an increase in national insurance contributions.
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