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Article - Published in The Times - 08 March 2017
The Times
Frank Field has written to Rob Assinder, chairman of the GM(UK) pension trustees to know what role they played.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 06 March 2017
Frank Field said: “It almost looks as though some companies are now engaged in a bidding war, to see who can slap the biggest penalty on workers who are sick. Again it goes to show how badly we need a national minimum level of decency to be enforced in the gig economy, alongside a national living wage, so that workers aren’t ripped off by the companies they work with.”
Article - Published in The Guardian - 04 March 2017
Frank Field attacks rule that says politicians cannot discuss individual cases with DWP unless clients have given explicit consent online
Article - Published in The Guardian - 04 March 2017
Frank Field, who chairs of the Commons work and pensions committee, said the arrangement was appalling.
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 01 March 2017
Sir Philip Green has reached an out-of-court settlement to pay £363million to settle the BHS pensions scandal
- Published in The Times - 01 March 2017
The Times
Yesterday’s out-of-court settlement will give BHS pensioners a better retirement than had previously looked likely. This marks a really important milestone on the road to justice, but we are far from reaching the end of that road.
Press Release - 28 February 2017
Commons Chamber
“I very much welcome this out-of-court settlement which is an important milestone in gaining the justice for BHS pensioners and former workers that we have been pushing for since beginning our inquiry into the downfall of BHS.”
Article - Published in City AM - 27 February 2017
Commons Chamber
The plans emerged as part of the government's response to a report from the Work and Pensions Select Committee, which calls on ministers to provide more support to ex-offenders.
Article - Published in BBC News - 27 February 2017
BBC News
More than 12,000 operational ration packs (ORPs) were thrown away between April and December - more than in the previous 12 months. Frank Field wants these surplus packs to feed the UK's homeless population.
Article - Published in Sunday Express - 26 February 2017
Daily Express
In creating a new Social Highway Code and then putting it into practice our society might just manage to U-turn away from its present path toward the crudeness and barbarism that marked much of Britain’s early history.
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