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Article - Published in The Guardian - 16 November 2016
Frank Field asks HMRC to look into ‘racket’ of recruitment agencies’ tax arrangements and recoup any lost revenues
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 15 November 2016
Labour MP Frank Field asked Sports Minister Tracey Crouch about extending full living wage accreditation to all club staff.
Press Release - 14 November 2016
Food bank
Frank today calls on the Government to set itself a target of processing and paying all new unemployment and sickness benefit claims within five days of those claims being made, as a means of cutting the numbers of people having to rely on food banks.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 14 November 2016
MP Frank Field calls for five-day target to process applications, saying too many being left for too long without support
- Published in Financial Times - 11 November 2016
Any attempt to play down the growth and significance of the gig economy in the post-Brexit and Trump age will not run. It will succeed only in misrepresenting a fundamental change that is taking place within Britain’s flexible labour market
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 08 November 2016
Liverpool Echo
Frank Field releases figures showing hundreds more having to wait over four hours
Press Release - 08 November 2016
Food bank
That 260,000 people have needed to rely on a Trussell Trust food bank in the past six months is disturbing for two reasons: clearly large numbers of people comprising Britain’s vulnerable human underbelly are hungry, and there are likely to be at least as many people who have sought help from independent food banks. Others still will have suffered hunger in silence.
Press Release - 07 November 2016
Commons Chamber
In August, 1,095 people waited more than four hours in A&E; up by 308 on the same month last year.
Press Release - 04 November 2016
Food bank
Feeding Birkenhead has already delivered free breakfast cereal supplies from His Church to more than a dozen schools, reaching hundreds of children, and Frank is now appealing to the public to help all schools offer healthy, nutritious breakfasts every day.
- Published in The Guardian - 03 November 2016
'The arrival of letters telling people how much worse off they will be under the cap has triggered panic among some of my most vulnerable constituents.'
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